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for educational institutes
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We're a company of smart, young and passionate people from India
building rock solid software products for educational institutes and enterprises.


Our flagship solutions offer an out-of-the-box experience.



GEMS is a comprehensive, highly configurable and effective solution for educational institutes of all sizes and types. Hundreds of institutes and thousands of students / teachers currently use it to ease their day-to-day activities.

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BusinessAide is an easy-to-use but very powerful software solution for small and big enterprises, also versatile enough to suit all types of businesses. It currently helps many businesses ease their day-to-day operations and processes.

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Our nifty services promise flawless execution and deliveries.


Businesses including public and private sector organizations are increasingly reliant on software solutions. Our solution development service helps them stay a step ahead in a dynamic business environment.


Our competence in making innovative, highly differentiated products - with a multi-disciplinary team and a broad range of design capabilities - help businesses through product analysis, prototyping and engineering.


Our talent pool of mobile developers include skilled analysts, UX experts and engineers who are well-versed in building native or cross-platform apps for all the major platforms - whether iOS, Android, or both.

Why should you choose our nifty services?

UI/UX Prototyping

Agility & Speed

Quick Turnaround

Proven Expertise

Future Proof

Assured Quality

Automated & Configurable

Comprehensive & Integrated

100% Transparency
& Guarantee

Clients & Alliances

Grounded on strong and everlasting clientele and partnerships.


Founded in 2010 with a vision to build and deliver quality software.

Founded in 2010, as a nascent team of passionate engineers, JUNO is now a full-grown company with manifold team, remarkable products and exponential growth.

Based out of India, JUNO's team relentlessly delivers state-of-the-art products and solutions to leading educational institutes and businesses across the globe.

JUNO's founding team, with extensive experience and veterans in their fields, vision to bloom the company in to a recognized and valued one-stop shop for software, technology and innovation.

JUNO can help you design and build technology solutions for your business that spans rich interactions, ingenious functionality and trustworthy computing.


Young team of passionate engineers building exceptional software.

Dr. Arpita Gopal
Co-Founder & Director

Gauravi Pimpalkhare
Co-Founder & Director

Amod Singh
Co-Founder & Director

Lokesh Bachani
Senior System Architect

Ishan Chakkarwar
Chief Application Support Analyst

Prashant Wadhankar
Sr. Impl. & Training Engineer

Saumyta Mahajan
Software Engineer

Ashwini Funde
Software Engineer

Nisha Patil
Software Engineer

Ankita Kusalkar
Software Engineer

Shilpa Malpani
HR Manager

Manjish Mishra
Impl. & Training Engineer

Shraddha Talokar
Impl. & Training Engineer

Ritesh Khaire
Impl. & Training Engineer

Dhananjay Lele
Query Optimization Expert

Neha Tambolkar
Impl. & Training Engineer

Sagar Pawar
Software Engineer

Abhilash Patil
Impl. & Training Engineer

Sandeep Ankamwar
Implementation and Training Engineer

Dattatraya Shelke
Implementation and Training Engineer

Rahul Sapkale
Software Engineer

Vaishali Gaikwad
Software Engineer

Vishal Lokare
Software Engineer

Omakar Govindwar
Software Engineer

Vicky Kamble
Software Engineer

Payal Raghamwar
Software Engineer

Ashwini Raghamwar
Software Engineer

Mayur More
Software Engineer

Mayuresh Virkar
Software Engineer

Saurabh Joshi
Impl. & Training Engineer

Rakesh Singh
Software Trainee

Vishnu Kalyankar
Software Trainee

Iqbal Shaikh
Software Trainee

Ashutosh Pathak
Impl. & Training Engineer

Sagar Patil
Impl. & Training Engineer

Dil Nath sharma
Software Trainee

Namrata Shinde
Software Trainee

Pooja Shelar
Software Trainee

Snehal Kamble
Software Trainee

Veena Chennur
Software Trainee

Pallavi Bhoite
Implementation and Training Engineer

Ganesh Mane
Implementation and Training Engineer

Kiran Badave
Software Trainee

Mainuddin Shaikh
Implementation and Training Engineer

Niteen Karale
Network Administrator

Abhijeet Gadekar
Software Trainee

Komal Gujar
Software Trainee

Maruti Lavate
Office Attendant

Arun Ghodke
Office Attendant

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Profound fondness and love from our caring users.

I had a great experience working with the JUNO team. They were extremely cooperative and professional in all their dealings. Their consultation and persistent deliveries helped us automate and make our systems able.

Dr B. S. Nanda Kumar

Working with the JUNO team had been a delightful experience. Their diverse team of designers, tech consultants and analysts come together as one singular power to build mesmerizing software products.

Dr. G. D. Yadav
Vice-Chancello​r, I.C.T. Mumbai

Our favorite part of working with the JUNO team is that their promise to deliver quality and gauranteed software is never broken. They make sure every implementation is laden with perfection and flawless execution.

Dayanand Ghule


Headquartered in India, world's largest sourcing destination.

Pune, India
Development Center

N - 11 Sacred Heart Town,
Wanowrie, Pune - 411040.

Mumbai, India
Sales Office

#2, 2nd Floor, Singh House,
Plot #23/25, Ambalal Doshi Marg,
Fort, Mumbai - 400001.
Phone: +91 9619500215

+91 9619500215


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