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JUNO Software Systems is an IT company specializing in software product development and technology services for Education sector.
Our team consists of industry’s best and brightest software engineers, technology consultants and educationists whose expertise spans from niche technologies to running some of the largest educational institutions. Education and Technology form our DNA, and Innovation and Product Development form the heart and soul of our company

Our flagship product, JUNO Campus, is the most comprehensive Education Management System available globally. JUNO Campus has a flexible design which ensures that it can be completely configured according to the varying requirements of today’s academic institutions. We have been able to reduce GO-LIVE time from a typical 12-18 months to less than one month even in some of most complex set-ups.

It is the only ready-made solution with the capacity to completely automate the functioning of any education institution in its original form. Our fully integrated solution ensures complete coordination within all academic as well as support functions. With 40+ modules, JUNO Campus can seamlessly manage admission, academics, learning management, student management, purchase, payments, accounting, library, faculty/staff, compliance and others. It also manages all regulatory compliance and accreditation requirements applicable to all streams or courses.

JUNO Campus has been developed keeping in consideration the wider industry standards as well as their possible variations. JUNO Campus has been developed using all open-source technologies. This way we ensure that JUNO Campus deployment doesn't put any additional burden of buying licenses on our customers.

Product Details: JUNO Campus

JUNO Campus is a fully integrated end-to-end automation system for education institutions. It's configurable design ensures a GO-LIVE time of 4-5 weeks even in some of most complex set-ups. The system has been designed to capture, consolidate and generate data and reports required by NAAC and other regulatory/compliance bodies.

Company focus only on developing ERP for Education Institutions

  • Core development team comes with combined experience of 50 years in Education
  • Team has real life experience of working in different roles in different set-ups in various Educations Institutions
  • Company keeps track of possible future requirements/regulatory changes/compliance issues and takes immediate cognizance

Experience of 150+ Implementations in Higher Education

  • Corrective intelligence of 190+ Education Institutions
  • Processes/functions adhering to diverse requirement already developed
  • Complete, end-to-end automation through one system.
  • No paper-work. No Excel sheet. No manual process.
  • All academic activities completely automated. Admission to Alumni.
  • All support functions including Hostel, Library, HR, Accounts, Purchase, Inventory fully automated.

Seamlessly integration of all departments/verticals/sections.

  • Any change happening in any part of the institute gets reflected in all affected places.
  • A student returns a book late by 2 days, his account shows payable.
  • Remuneration of paper checking, reflects at the salary calculation

Configurable design to ensure a swift implementation

  • Short Go-Live time of 3-4 weeks in a typical Eng/Med/MBA/degree college compared to 12-18 months for others.
  • ROI comes sooner.
  • The rule-books, policies, workflows, authority-hierarchy of the Institution can be configured AS-IS.
  • It saves from situation where processes change by the time implementation is completed. Admin can change systems by changing configurations within a matter of minutes.
  • Changes can be implemented as soon as they are decided on, without any extra charges.

Smart combination of level, roles and duties to ensure automation in its existing form

  • Each employee work profile can exactly be mapped by suitable combination of level, role and duties.
  • Level/role based access ensure privacy and accountability
  • Duties can be delegated to any person in system with access to only relevant information
  • Especially useful when admins go on leave and they can delegate duties to different people without sharing their login/password

Complete adherence to all Regulatory and Compliance bodies including NACC, MCI, NBA and Washington Accord.

  • All relevant data can be extracted within minutes Ready reports
  • Saving of significant amount of time and cost spent in data collection, report formation
  • Inbuilt lead management module
  • Complete process flow mapping from as exists in real life

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